Camp Timbercrest Session 1 Thursday

Today started with another polar bear swim! The girls had a great time and love this tradition.

Strawberry hill started the day with a relaxing break and then jumped right into the excitement with archery. For the rest of the day they did arts and crafts and played in the water with their water toys.

Sprucewood got to play on the huge water toys with the CIT’s before they had the opportunity to participate in the Buffalo Swim (swimming all the way across Keyser Lake, touching the totem pole and swimming back) or kept busy with arts and crafts. Then they enjoyed some more water time.

Boots & Spurs enjoyed some time at the horse barn along with visiting the tuck shop. They started out in arts and crafts along with some waterfront time as well. They spent a good two hours in the barn this afternoon.

There were three troops on property today. Two were with silly scientists and one with a horse program. They all did arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt made smores and banana boats. They also were taught the proper way to build a campfire and about campfire safety.

The CIT’s started the morning with water toys then had the opportunity to do the Buffalo Swim and go visit the tuck shop (mentioned in previous posts as the Trading Post, the camp shop). Then they followed Siesta (relaxing time after lunch) with training and starting a new tradition for closing campfire. They put ash on their face from the previous weeks closing campfire on their face and remained silent from the moment the ash touches their cheeks to the moment they started singing at campfire. They even got me to let them put ash on my forehead!

This was a fun, short week and we hope to see campers returning in the future!

Signed, Skeeter

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