Thursday Session 5

At the start of the day, the sun was shining brightly over Camp Timbercrest.

With the Waterfront open this morning, the girls were able to go swimming and boating.

Canoeing Along the Allegheny got dressed up in the Drama corner and then concluded their day at the Gaga Pit.

Ready to Ride and My Backpack, My Pony, and Me both got a chance to go to the barn. They also went swimming and went to arts and crafts in the afternoon.

The Mud Challengers played soccer and Gaga in the afternoon in the mud after a rain storm.

To conclude the night, Camp Timbercrest was surprised by the Lorax himself at Closing Campfire. This was the final campfire of the Timbercrest season. Campers and staff alike shared their final laughs and tears of joy for the season. Click here to see photos from tonight’s special moments.

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