Wednesday Session 5

For their first full day back on dry land, Canoeing Along the Allegheny Reservoir made scrapbooks reflecting on their trip. On their trip, the girls got the chance go canoeing and complete a tippy test. They were also taught first aid necessities such as splinting, items to include in a first aid kit, and how to treat sun stroke and hypothermia. In addition to first aid, the girls were also able to learn compass and mapping skills to guide them along a hike to a waterfall. Last but not least, the girls cooked their own meals every night over a campfire. Check out photos from their trip here.

My Backpack, My Pony, and Me completed their overnight trip on horseback. Even though rain made their trip more difficult than originally anticipated, the Girl Scouts were up for the challenge. The girls gained a lot of experience on horseback going through all of the trails at Pine Hill State Park. In addition to riding horses, they also had their very own cookout.

Meanwhile back at Timbercrest, the units played board games, card games, and went to arts and crafts.

To conclude the night, Campers Choice gave the girls an opportunity to create their very own carnival game.

Goodnight Girl Scouts and be sure to check back in tomorrow for more carnival-filled activities. Photos are here.

One thought on “Wednesday Session 5

  1. Thank you for the update on the My backpack, My pony and Me group. It was very appreciated! Sounds like they did well!

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