Wednesday Session 2

For the second day in a row, there was a storm that rolled through Camp Timbercrest. But as usual, the girls still had loads of fun despite Mother Nature’s attempt to ruin the day.

Who Stole the Chocolate Chip Cookies played Gaga in the morning and worked on their detective program. Timbercrest @ Night went boating and swimming in the morning. The Pastry Chefs went to the Trading Post and baked cupcakes for dessert. Meanwhile, Ready to Ride went horseback riding. The Daisies & Brownies went swimming and on the water toy. Last but not least, My Backpack, Pony, & Me tie dyed shirts that they bought in the trading post.

After lunch, Camp Timbercrest had their traditional Buffalo Swim where blue caps swim to the other side of the lake to Sunset, touch the totem pole, and swim back to Bellinger Lodge.

When the Buffalo Swim was completed, a storm swept into Timbercrest and changed everyone’s schedules.

Instead of doing outdoor activities, everyone grabbed a board game, Jenga, cards, or went to Arts and Crafts to have fun until dinner.

Timbercrest @ Night went out to dinner and went bowling as a part of their weekly program.

To conclude the day, there was an all camp where all the girls played a bunch of games. Be sure to check out the photos here.

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