Monday Session 2

This morning started with the daily Polar Swim, where courageous campers woke up to go swimming in Keyser Lake before breakfast.

After breakfast, each program started their day with their unit counselors. The Pastry Chefs were in the kitchen helping our cook with lunch. After that, they went swimming on the water toys. After lunch the girls played Gaga and made their own slime in Arts and Crafts.

The Ready to Ride group began their day completing barn chores and getting experience on horseback. They then set up tents near Banana Boat for their camp out. After lunch, Ready to Ride went boating, went swimming, and played Gaga.

Who Stole the Chocolate Chip Cookies began working on their detective program. They also went in the water and set up for a camp out as well. Before dinner, they headed to the archery course.

Timbercrest @ Night started their night boating on Keyser Lake and went to Arts and Crafts. They also swam on the water toy before dinner.

Daisies & Brownies swam on the water toys and went on a nature hike. They then played Gaga, went to Arts and Crafts, and then to the trading post before dinner.

After dinner, the campers had a free choice of activity to participate in. The three choices were kickball, dancing, and sing a longs.

Click here to view the photos from today’s activities.

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