Thursday for the win!

Hi there everyone!

Our Thursday at Timbercrest was quite a long and warm one, but that always gives us the chance to really get “into” camp! Our day of course began with Polar Bear Swim at 7:00 a.m. Sprucewood participated in archery, fishing, boating, and some time on our water toy. The horse girls also spent a lot of time at the barn. They worked on some badge work in the afternoon, and picked up garbage around camp (their “all-camp kaper,” a chore they complete as a unit to keep camp sparkling).

Strawberry Hill had a session with our drama counselor/unit head “Lennon,” and also did their kapers, the horse girls went riding, and the Cupcake Challenge girls had a cupcake contest after baking cupcakes with our cook “Small World.” (They also made snickerdoodles on Wednesday). It was a tough competition…but the cupcakes with the neon frosting came out on top!

Our CITs played “Paint Twister” and most certainly got painted up during that game (there are cute photos up). They visited the Trading Post, played on the water, and had a mud bath. The Artful Antics core campers made even more arts & crafts projects while our Clue core campers continued their quest to figure out the mystery!

At the end of the day, we said goodbye to our core campers as well as our 1-week campers at our closing campfire complete with a Friendship Path and Friendship Circle. Girls made wish boats and set them into the lake hoping that their wishes came true. What an eventful day!

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