Wednesday 7/20/2016

Hi there, readers! Welcome to our Wednesday edition of the Camp Timbercrest blog! Today has been a wonderful day here at Timbercrest. We have welcomed a new group of Core Campers, Artful Antics & Clue…they will be doing all kinds of arts & crafts as well as searching all over camp for clues to the mystery! I’m pretty sure the mystery will continue tomorrow.

Most of our campers and some of our staff participated in this week’s Buffalo Swim (across the lake and back) then got to have a free swim for a while afterward. Cookouts then began across camp, ranging from pie-iron pizzas to tacos to brownies (though the brownies turned out a bit…crisp…but that’s camp)!

We also had an outdoor movie tonight on our blow-up movie screen. Nothing like watching The Lion King outside under the stars!

I’m sure that Thursday will be just as amazing…make sure to check back, and of course, watch our Flickr for some sweet pictures!

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