Tuesday at Timbercrest!

Hello blog readers! Tuesday, July 19th turned out to be one amazing day! The weather was breezy and not too hot, and our campers were able to get back into Keyser Lake to play on our water toy and go boating.

Arts & crafts has been in full swing, the horse campers have been riding, and our CITs are still working hard at learning all about Timbercrest. Our two-week campers and our one-week campers are living together and loving life! Though it’s been a bit chilly at night, the day has brought beautiful sunshine-y days. Our Core Campers left after lunch after their couple of days taking in all that we have to offer here. You know when a camper leaves tired and falls asleep on the ride back that they had a successful stay!

Please remember to check our Flickr album for this session, we will continually add photos throughout the week. Wednesday will bring all kinds of things–the Buffalo Swim and cookout, as well as a new group of Core Campers! See you soon!

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