Monday, Monday!

We started our day with quite a rainstorm…beginning at around 5:00 a.m.! It was still raining when it was about time for breakfast, so we were running a little late…but hey, it’s camp! We are flexible!

Unfortunately due to the heavy rain, we weren’t able to swim in Keyser Lake, but we were still able to boat, so many units took advantage of this opportunity. Arts & crafts was busy as well, working on all kinds of things to take home. The weather cleared by mid-morning and all activities resumed pretty quickly.

Our Counselors-in-Training (CITs) filled their day with archery, boating, and a fire building masterclass! They also received their CIT manuals and started the process of training.

Strawberry Hill worked on our Be a Friend First program, as well as board games and badges, and the Saddle Up girls in the unit spent time at the barn getting to know the barn staff and the horses.

Sprucewood got in touch with their nature-oriented selves, through fishing and nature identification. They played some drama games and ended their day collecting worms for more fishing on Tuesday.

Our core campers in Jackman’s did a lot of arts & crafts while the girls in the Yurts played a Clue-based scavenger hunt around camp. They came into the office, but we had NO idea what they were looking for! 😉 We are looking forward to quite a Terrific Tuesday…we will be able to swim and play on our water toy–which will make everyone’s day even better!

Remember to check our Session 3 Flickr album, which we will be updating all week!

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