Friday, 7/22/2016

Welcome to Friday’s edition of Camp Timbercrest’s blog!

This morning our core campers left after breakfast looking quite tired, which is always a good sign of having had a great time! Our one-week campers have packed up and have cleaned out their tents, making them ready for our new campers on Sunday.

After quite the amazing Friday Follies (our weekly talent show), we had subs for lunch before they all made their way out to our volleyball field where they are currently participating in “Battleship.” There is a tarp separating the two groups, and they are throwing wet sponge balls over said tarp, hoping to hit the other teams and sink their Battleship! I can hear the screams and the giggles from here; they’re having quite the time! There will definitely be photos of this hilarity on our Flickr page, so please make sure you check them all out here!

Tonight we will send our 1-weekers home and welcome in our weekend “Galloping Girls” core campers while our 2-weekers make apple crisp in dutch ovens. Weekend updates will definitely continue to happen, so make sure you come back to read up!

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