Tropical Thursday–July 14, 2016

Hey there blog readers! We have added some photos to our Flickr page, check them out!

Today’s events started off with quite the thunderstorm at about 1:00 a.m., when the girls in Sunset literally “weathered the storm” at Gypsy Point. When the storm passed, they grabbed their pillows and sleeping bags and though pretty wet…they got to finish their night in Jackman’s Lodge in style! During the day today, they paddled across Keyser Lake and retrieved their tents and belongings and got all of their sleeping bags (and some of their muddy clothes) washed and dried by their superstar counselors. Big kudos to the entire unit for being absolute rockstars…it will definitely be something they remember forever!

Strawberry Hill spent a lot of time riding horses, playing board games as a rainy-day activity, visiting the trading post, swimming, and doing arts & crafts. Our Junior CITs in Hawthorne did some tree planting/rescuing, worked with our drama counselor Lennon, and explored the characteristics of the different Girl Scout levels. All in a crazy day at Timbercrest.

Our closing campfire on the lake was a bittersweet moment for many girls, as we say goodbye to them tomorrow. We had two girls receive their 5 year rounders and their 5 year shirts, and one girl receive her 10 year rounder and her 10 year hoodie. Congratulations to them!

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