Wonderful, Wacky, Wet Wednesday!

As all of Western New York knows…it has been quite humid and hot lately! Especially on Wednesday July 12, 2016! Luckily, we have Keyser Lake to keep us as cool as possible. Our water toy has been very busy and the giggles that come from the girls are great to hear! Wednesday is Buffalo Swim Day (where the girls swim across the lake, touch the totem pole at the all-camp fire circle, get back in and swim back to main camp) so everyone was there and participated in all-camp swim time after the event.

Our “Spa Timbercrest” Core Campers arrived yesterday morning and settled in pretty quickly with the help of Xylo, their staff mentor. At Sprucewood, they experienced their cookout with pie-iron pizzas and ended their night with a little aromatherapy/relaxation techniques using essential oils, a diffuser, and coloring pages. “Saddle Up” and “Mud Warriors” in Sunset spent their day in archery, playing Gaga, cooking out, then took off for their overnight on Gypsy Point in Keyser Lake. They set up their tents earlier in the day and then paddled back across the lake to their campsite.

“Little Tent on the Prairie” in Strawberry Hill made their gingerbread cookies while in arts & crafts, played on our water toy, and had a raid on the kitchen for treats. “Bridles & Bits” in Strawberry Hill spent a lot of time with their horses–even riding through the main camp! Our Junior CITs in Hawthorne also spent time on the water and watched “Brother Bear” on our inflatable movie screen along with the girls from Strawberry Hill.

Keep up with updates here, and watch our Flickr page…we will be uploading more photos later!

4 thoughts on “Wonderful, Wacky, Wet Wednesday!

  1. When are you going to upload photos to the flicks pg of session 2? All I see are pictures of session 1. Please let me know. Thank you

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