First Days of Camp 2015!

Session 1 is in full swing and everyone is having a great time! The theme this week is   retro-rewind, and our Program Director Pippin has some great activities planned.

Last night was our first opening campfire of the summer! Each unit led and taught two songs to the rest of the camp.

Today we welcomed our first group of core campers who are staying in Jackmans Lodge. Everyone had a very full day. Many campers spent time in the lake today, whether taking swim lessons from Whiskers, swimming with their friends, or bouncing on the water trampoline. The Hunger Games group made awesome camouflage crafts in the program center with our arts and crafts counselor Ginge. Strawberry Hill campers spent time in drama and went on a hike to Willow Bridge where they played Pooh Sticks. The day ended with campers choice where campers had the choice of practicing their fire building skills or going back in time to a 1920’s illegal juice bar. Everyone is looking forward to what is in store for tomorrow!



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