Last Day at Camp Timbercrest

Last night’s campfire was a blast and it was also long being it was session 6 closing and the very last one for the summer. The girls sang their hearts out and enjoyed the huge fire as well as the cool flame changing colors with special powder.

On Friday, the last day of camp, the campers and counselors are just being super crazy and having fun with everything. Breakfast was pancakes, which didn’t last long as everyone enjoyed them so much. After breakfast it was time to head back to the units to clean and pack everything really well. With the units cleaned, it was time for Friday Follies, a little talent show where the girls can sing song, do skits, or just have a good time on stage. Afterwards, it was time for lunch, which ended up being mac and cheese, peaches, salad, and tater tots. Everyone ended lunch with a super full tummy before they headed off to their units for one last look over and some me time.

Time for All Camp!! The theme for the week was Disney so it is very fitting all camp was the same. The girls were split into four groups and rotated though four stations, which were Disney song trivia, catch Flounder, Frozen snow fight, and Brave painting. The girls were having a blast the whole time and were excited as they changed between the stations. Once All Camp was over it was time for the horse girls to eat dinner and head off to the barn to get for their horse show.  At 6 p.m. the rest of the girls started their dinner and then went off to the parent program, which started at 7 p.m.

Now time for the campers to head home for the summer. This is the last time the counselors will say goodbye till next year to some of the campers. It is a sad day for all but a happy one knowing we will all see everything again one day. Goodbye to everyone and hope to see you next year here at Camp Timbercrest!



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