Last Night for Cookout

This morning was cloudy but the girls got up and headed down from their units for flag then off to breakfast. As breakfast started, so did the rain. It seemed to rain lightly on and off all morning. After breakfast, everyone went off to do their morning activities for this little rain wouldn’t stop them. Bridle & Bit girls had their trail lunch today. They did awesome and very much enjoyed it. In fact, they never stopped talking about it! This morning, girls did archery, went boating, played gaga, and worked on some arts and crafts. Sadly, because of all the rain from yesterday (we had over 2 inches), no one could swim for 24 hours due to bacteria imbalance in the water.

With the morning over, it was time for lunch, then it was off to me time right after. Usually after me time, we give the girls a chance to swim and do the Buffalo swim, which allows girls with blue caps to swim across the lake, but we couldn’t do that either, which was disappointing for many. Then it was off to the units again for cookout, which is where the girls cook their own dinner. It is a fun bonding time and the girls can act crazy with their friends. With it being our last week of the summer, we all came back to the lodge for a movie night. We ended up watching Frozen.

Now the girls have gone to bed for the night and all is quiet.

Pictures for the Day


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