Rainy Tuesday Day

Well, we all woke up to rain this morning that was still coming from the huge thunderstorm we had last night. The Hawthorne girls had some of their stuff get soaked but thankfully we had a dryer to help. Breakfast was waffles and sausages, and everyone really seemed to enjoy the waffles. After breakfast it was time for unit kapers then the girls were off to their morning activities. Half the units did some archery and then there was swimming, arts and crafts and everyone even went to the trading post today. The Pony & Me horse girls rode in the morning and also talked about their overnight.

Lunch went very well today. It wasn’t anything big, just sandwiches, which everyone still enjoyed. Now off to the units for some me time before the lovely afternoon activities. The activities started out great. Campers did some boating and some archery. The bridle and bit girls tacked up their horses and the first group started their lesson. But sadly the thunderstorm decided to come back, which stopped the horse girls from riding the rest of the time and prevented any swimming and any more boating. Dinner was pretty good and not all girls seemed to enjoy it but it was really good. Camper’s Choice was next but thanks to the down pour of rain, we had to move things around because we couldn’t do things outside.

With everything over, the darkness has rolled in and it is time for the girls to head back up to their units and head to bed.

Pictures for the Day


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