Beautiful Monday Morning

The sun is up and it is a start to a beautiful warm sunny day.  The campers got up and ready as they headed down to camp for morning flag, then hung out at the singing stairs to it was time for breakfast (which wasn’t long).  After breakfast the units did their camp kaper of the day, which is where they clean a certain area of camp like the lodge or the showers.  Then it is off to do their morning activities which were mostly swimming and arts & crafts.  Though our bridle & bit girls did also ride the whole morning as well as learn to tack and groom them.  There was still some other things like archery, BFF and raft building for the Survivor girls.  Before anyone knew what time it was lunch was upon us.

Lunch was awesome!  We had apple sauce, french fries and chicken patties.  Everyone eat as much as their tummies could hold.  Once lunch was over the girls headed up to their units for me time to rest and digest all the food.  The weather started to change and got cloudy with the wind picking up.  This didn’t stop the girls as they headed to their next activities after me time.  Drama seemed to be the biggest thing happening this afternoon with some fishing, swimming and boating.  The pack out horse girls headed to the barn at this time to do some riding lessons and to get ready for their pack out.  With the afternoon a little chilly the girls still enjoyed their activities as much as they could take in.

Dinner was goulash with green beans and salad if someone wanted it. Dinner was now over and it was time for campers choice where the girls get to choose from 4 activities that some counselors run.  The activities ranged from synchronized swimming to learning to sing different Disney songs.  Now with the activities over it was time for girls to start heading back to their units to get ready for bed.  Time to sleep and welcome the next day filled with fun new activities.

Pictures for the Day


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