Beginning of the Last

Today is the beginning of session 6 but sadly it is the last week of campers for the summer here at Camp Timbercrest. Counselors have mixed feelings about it. Happy to still be at camp, but sad that everything we now do is the last time we do it.  Things seemed to lighten up as the campers pulled in and everyone brightens up to see them roll in for the week.  Campers headed to their units, were checked in and meet their counselors. After everyone had arrived it was time for their swim tests and for the horse girls their riding tests.  Once they were over the girls headed back to their units to do a campstitution and start some BFF (Be a Friend First).

After everyone has settled in and played a few name games after dome BFF it is time for flag and then dinner.  Dinner was hamburgers, fruit salad, salad and noodle salad, plus dessert which were awesome brownies.  After dinner it was off to opening campfire at the totem pole on the other side of the lake.  Counselors did their skit and introduced themselves to everyone else and then sung their fast songs with their campers.  Campfire was now over and it was time for the girls to head back to their units. Everyone was excited to get ready for the next day.

Pictures for the Day


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