Friday for Session 5!

The sun is up and it is time to wake up for the last day of session 5.  The girls walk down for their last breakfast at camp.  After breakfast the girls head back up to their units to start their packing.  Once everyone is packed and all their stuff is labeled and under the unit shelter they head back down to the lodge.  Friday Follies starts once everyone has arrived and are seated near the singing stairs.  Every unit had their own skit and/or song.  Once all the campers and counselors have gone though their amazing skits it is time for lunch.

Lunch, of course, is pizza Friday with peaches.  Even on our Fridays we have the lovely me time so the girls get one more rest time before they finish out their day and the week.  With me time over the CITs have come up with all camp this week for the theme as “Around the World in 6 Days.”  They have come up with timed stations for the campers to go though so they all get a chance to do and try everything.  All camp was a blast, the campers enjoyed the stations and they really seemed to like making candy sushi.  After the stations it was an all out capture the flag.  Everyone enjoyed the game!

Time for dinner for the horsey girls so they can then head to their horse show for their parents.  Once 6pm rolls around it is time for the rest of camp to have dinner and time for the horse show.  With dinner over and 7pm upon us it is time for parent program where the units all sing a song for them one at a time or sometimes does a skit for them as well.

The campers are now off and heading home with their parents.  Session 5 has now come to an end and session 6 is just around the corner.

Pictures for the Day


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