Thursday 8/7/14

Thursday is already upon us as the sun raises to wake us up for the day.  Everyone was excited for the new day as they came down from their units.  Breakfast went like normal with everyone filling their tummies getting ready for the day.  Boating seemed to be the biggest hit today with all but Jackman’s doing it today.  All the horse girls got to ride today and even did some barn chores.  Finally it was a nice day for everyone to enjoy without having any rain to stop them.

Lunch was wonderful with grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Me time was next like always as the girls got to relax and enjoy the day some more.  The afternoon was filled with swimming and some archery, as well as some games.  The campers seemed to be everywhere today playing and yelling and just having a blast, could be from it being Thursday and they were going home tomorrow or just that it was a sunny day.  Today’s dinner was a Luau!  We had ham with pineapple, mashed potatoes and corn to go with the theme.  When everyone entered the dinning hall they got a lay to wear for the dinner.

Now with dinner over it was time for the units to head back to be picked up by Bloomer to head to closing campfire.  Every unit song their two fast and two slow for the end of the week.  Campers enjoyed themselves during campfire and then at the end were ready to head to bed for the night.  Now with Friday just around the corner session 5 is at its end.

Pictures for the Day


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