Cookout Night

This morning was nice and sunny as everyone headed down for breakfast to start their day.  Breakfast is now over it is time for everyone to start their day with their first activities.  Thanks to no rain the Saddle up girls got to ride today!  Which in itself make the day excited for them.  While the rest of Straw Hill girls played some SPUD (game with numbers and a ball), then off to archery to practice on bow skills and then right before lunch they head off on a hike to willow bridge.  The rest of the our awesome campers had fun all over camp with some swimming, BFF, games, getting things at the trading post and some arts & crafts.  Lunch came upon us pretty fast and the girls were ready to fill their tummies with some awesome food.  Though of course it had to rain during lunch but thankfully it didn’t last very long at all.  Now time for some me time as the girls headed to the units to have some nice down time.

Wednesdays are a little different then the rest of the days.  After me time the girls have a small activities, though our little Pony Pal girls got to head to the horse barn and had their pony ride!  They all were excited to finally get on the horse today with big smiles on their faces.  Everyone else had a chance to do the Buffalo swim which the blue caps get to swim across the lake.  But our yellow and reds still get to swim during this time as well but only in the swimming sections.  Buffalo swim is over so it is time for the campers to head back to their units for cookout.  After cookout their day isn’t over yet as the units play some games or shower before bed, but our Hawthorne girls still have almost a whole day as they stay up late every night.

Pictures for the Day


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