Sunny Hot Day

The morning was beautiful and sunny and as the day went on it just got hotter.  The girls came out of their units one at a time to get ready for flag and breakfast.  Once breakfast was over it was time to start the morning activities.


The little ones morning was exciting as they did a little BFF (be a friend first) and some games to start them out.  But right before lunch they went on a splash hike, which let them play around in the creek near the lake.


The girls started their day by heading to the water to do some boating.  Then it was off to archery where they practiced their skills with a bow.  After some archery they headed to the lodge to get changed be ready to cool off in the lake with some swimming.


The morning for the girls was split as the Saddle up girls headed to the barn for some riding while the rest did a few other things.  While the Saddle up girls where gone the Just a Sampling girls started their day with some BFF.  Once the introduction was over they headed to arts & crafts and worked on some stick signs.  After they had all cleaned up from arts & crafts it was time to head over to Dreamer for some drama.


Everyone woke up normal today and started out doing some arts & crafts to make invitations for their dance party later tonight.  Then it was off to do some drama with Dreamer, followed by some fun games in the field near the flag pole.

After the fun morning activities it was time for lunch which was awesome tacos.  With everyone’s tummy full of the delicious food it was off to the units for some me time.  A time to settle and rest before heading out to do the fun and exciting afternoon activities.  Me time is now over so it is off to start the new activities set up.


With everyone together in the afternoon the girls started out with some boating.  Then it was off to the swimming hole to cool off from boating in the hot sun.  Swimming now over it was shower time!


With the afternoon now here it was time for the girls to split as the bridle & bits girls headed to the barn for their riding.  While the camping my way girls did a few other things.  They started out with a hike around the lake before coming back to take a nice shower.  After everyone was finished they hung out in arts & crafts before flag.


The girls started their afternoon out with some swimming and then headed right over to boating where a few did some kayaking.  After some lovely boating it was time to do some BFF, which is out anti-bullying program for the summer.


The little ones start out with some drama with Dreamer and were in groups coming up with their own stories.  With drama over it was time for the Pony Pal girls to head to the horse barn for some ground lessons learning about the saddle and the parts of it and about the brushes used for grooming.  Our First time girls played some broad games and did a puzzle in the lodge while the other girls where away.  Once everyone was reunited they all headed down to the lake to cool off for the night.

Dinner Time!  Tonight’s dinner was grilled chicken with fruit salad, corn and salad.  When dinner was over it was time to get ready for campers choice.  It was Harry Potter based since we are having a Harry Potter dinner tomorrow which is exciting.  So all the campers were in groups and rotated though the stations and the stations were wand making, making decorations, Sorcerer’s stone searching and silver bullets (team building games).  Everyone seem to love everything they were doing and playing but sadly rain hit us right at the end though so everything still worked out.

After campers choice Hawthorne had their dance party where everyone was invited and had a good time.  With the party now over it is time for the campers and their counselors to head off to their units for bed.

Pictures for the Day


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