Well this morning was nice but cloudy.  The girls got to do all of their morning activities which coincided mostly of swimming and archery.  Our bridle and bits girls got their riding in this morning where they all seem to enjoy greatly.  There were some games and arts and crafts thrown in there as well for some of the girls. Before anyone knew, it was time for lunch, which was sandwiches and peaches.  Me time, of course, was right after lunch for the girls to rest up for the afternoon activities.

But sadly just as everyone was walking up to the units for me time it started to thunder quietly. This didn’t last long before the sky opened up with huge creaks of thunder and some lighting-  not much, though. The rain hit next and it was like the sky just opened everything up to let it just fall down on us.  The rain went on for about a hour and a half before it started to lighten up.  Still the rain was going on and off but that didn’t stop Jackman’s, they all played in a kiddie pool and a slip n slid while it was still sprinkling.  They just went nuts and had a blast jumping and sliding for a while before they were made to stop to warm back up and dry off.  The rest of the girls played some games in the lodge and did some BFF, but sadly because the rain and the thunder the saddle up girls didn’t get to ride in the afternoon.  As well as the pony pals girls didn’t get their lesson today either.

Dinner in now upon us and the girls as well as the counselors are all excited.  All because tonight is Harry Potter dinner!  The girls will come in and the sorting hat will do her magic and choose which house table the girls will sit at.  The counselors and CITs will be sorted as well.  Our head table will be of course the Camp Director as well as the Assistant Camp Director and a few others.  All the girls were sorted and dinner was fun with everyone enjoying a tummy full of spaghetti and meatballs.  With dinner over it was time for campers choice which ranged from tie-dye to disc golf.

Everyone had fun with their camper’s choice activities and now it is off to their units for the night.  Though some of our girls are doing a movie night and kitchen raid, where they sneak into the kitchen and take things but the kitchen staff set what they could have.  Shhhh, the campers don’t know. We know, though :).

Pictures for the Day


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