Session 5 The Beginning!

Session five has begun! The girls are out in their units going over their names by name games, doing their campstitution (rules they come up with to follow during the week), a tour then off to do swim tests and a riding test for the riding girls. The rain of course had to cut the riding tests short though. Once everything is done it is time for flag and then a yummy dinner at the lodge. Sunday dinner is our lovely hamburgers, mac and cheese, and brownies for dessert.

With dinner over, it is time to get ready for open campfire. The girls from each unit pick songs to sing during campfire and sing it in front of the rest of camp.  But sadly with all the rain campfire had to be inside. Campfire was still a blast with the counselors doing their introduction skits and then into their songs that the campers choose.  Campfire closes with the friendship circle and it is time for the girls to head back toward their units.  Time to say goodnight to today and start wishing the new day good morning.

Pictures for the Day


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