End of Session 4!

Today is the last day for everyone, even the two-weekers are heading home. The morning was nice and sunny as the girls headed down for their last breakfast, before heading back to their units to pack things up. Once everything was packed and ready to be moved, it was time for Friday Follies (small talent show), which was followed by our lovely lunch of pizza!  With everyone filled with food, they had their usual me time.

Time for all camp! All camp this week was gold rush, which is like old west deal with bandits as the counselors and campers go around camp (lead by CITs) looking for the “gold” (painted rocks).  With all camp over, it was time for the riding girls to have dinner and then off to get ready for their show. Next, dinner for the rest of camp before parents start coming. With dinner over it is time for every unit to get together and sing a song for their parents during the parent program, though Jackman girls did a little skit, which was ready cute.

Session five is now over and the girls are off heading home.

Pictures for the Day


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