Tuesday 7-15-14

Today our Hawthorne group slept in until 10:30 a.m. after a busy night hosting their all camp party. They feasted on cereal for breakfast.  Then they headed over to archery where Cassie got a bullseye! At arts and crafts, Ginge helped them make telescopes for some late-night stargazing. Afterwards they got to go swimming and play on the water trampoline. Two of the girls got the opportunity to retake their swim tests and move up to the blue cap level.  Before dinner, the girls played gaga. Then they attended camper’s choice before leaving for bowling and a pizza party with their group.

Sprucewood girls spent their morning riding.  Then they played gaga and went boating and swimming.  After lunch they played sports in the sports field. They also had arts and crafts. After dinner they hosted the all-camp beach party! Girls got to play at the waterfront, learn a new game called Pass the Parcel, play some volleyball, and even make s’mores for a snack. A great time was had by all!!

Strawhill awoke groggy from their campout during which there was a pretty powerful thunderstorm. The girls managed to tough it out. Once they cleaned up their tents from the overnight, they got to do some arts and crafts. They went sailing during boating then part of the group went to archery while the rest of the girls spent the afternoon with the horses.

The JCITs enjoyed themselves by sleeping in til 9:45 a.m.  Then we got to enjoy a delicious breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and sausage.  We went kayaking during boating and then helped out in arts and crafts by making decorations. After lunch and me time, we made sure to collect a lot of wood for tomorrow’s cookout as well as stock the camp’s supply in the lodge for our snacks at the beach party. We rehearsed our scene from Thoroughly Modern Millie for our performance on Friday then went fishing off the dock. Two of the girls caught fish, although Tess wants you to know that hers was caught when it bit her little finger (don’t worry, it didn’t do any damage). After spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, we participated in the beach party.  Each JCIT went with a different group to help out as well as enjoy themselves.


All in all it was an excellent day at Timbercrest!


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