Camp Timbercrest 7-16-14

Sprucewood girls started their day off with some games. From there, they went swimming. They hiked all the way to Willow Bridge and back before lunch.  After me time, two of the girls, Alyssa and Anna, swam in the Buffalo Swim while some just swam in the roped off section of the waterfront.  From there the group went back to their unit for cookout.  After dinner, they worked on the “Be a Friend First” anti-bullying program and also badges.

Hawthorne took a well deserved lie-in until 10:45 a.m. after their busy night of bowling. They reported singing camp songs for the entire bus ride and really enjoyed their pizza party. After a jungle breakfast, the unit worked on badges and played gaga. The group had the most participants in the Buffalo Swim. Natalie was the first back from Buffalo Swim at only 10:55! Then the group showered and headed up for cookout. After dinner, they got to go boating and also take a night hike to Willow Bridge.

Straw Hill ate breakfast with the rest of camp and then did some painting in arts and crafts. They played froggie murder as well. Then they went to archery. Some of the girls went boating and had a floating lunch out in their kayaks or canoes. The rest of the group got to go on a trail ride lunch. Then it was back to main camp for the Buffalo Swim and showers. They had the most beautiful fire to cook with for dinner (according to their counselors at any rate).

The JCITs kicked off their day after breakfast with some arts and crafts, where they made sun-catcher fish. The girls then got the opportunity to go shadow swimming, boating, and do archery. After lunch and a little nap during me time, we headed up to waterfront for the Buffalo Swim.  Blinky, Gamzee, and Nala all participated in the swim! Then we had showers and headed back to the yurts to make dinner. We decided on doing dessert first and feasted on chocolate orange cakes with chocolate chips and marshmallows inside.  Then we had foil dinners with chicken, beef, and an assortment of veggies.  After clean up, we kicked back with a movie and some more sugary snacks before bed!



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