Beautiful Thursday

The day is starting out bright and sunny for the girls to have breakfast and start their morning kapers. It is also trial riding day for the horse girls, which I know they are all super excited about.

The midnight girls had archery this morning but decided to sleep a little more from their later movie night last night of watching the older version of The Parent Trap.  Now the other units start their days out with some swimming and arts and crafts.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Thursday

  1. The girls look like they are having fun. Just a quick question…are there more pictures to be posted? And are we able to get copies of them other than from Flickr. We have only seen our Daughter in one picture since the start of camp and we are hoping there are more. She is part of Archers & Anglers in Strawhill. She loves to scrapbook and we would like to have some printed up for her. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for reading! There were more photos posted yesterday; not sure if you have seen them but you can find them here: Unfortunately, at this time, the only way I know of you can get them is on flickr. However, there is a way to download from flickr, I believe. If you open the photo you want to download so that it becomes large, then click the icon of the arrow pointing down in the bottom right corner, you should be able to download it. Hope that helps!

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