Beautiful Thursday continued

With the morning over it is time for the one-utensil lunch, which means everyone can only use one utensil to eat. Lunch was pretty easy, though, since it was only grilled cheese and tomato soup. After lunch, it is time for some me time so the campers can rest up and be ready for their afternoon activities.

Archery, swimming, boating, and sport games were in full swing for the afternoon activities and the horse girls (Saddle Up) started practicing for their horse show tomorrow. Oh, and of course, fishing for the archers and angler girls. Everyone was enjoying the sunny day and was ready for dinner to start.

Now it is time for closing campfire. The girls are excited, happy, and sad. Excited to sing songs around the campfire, happy to be going home and to see their parents, but sad because the week is over and it is time for them to go home. Bed time is here and the girls are headed to their units for their last night at camp to enjoy it the best they can.

Pictures for the Day


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