JCITs Week 2 Day 2

Our kaper was flag today, and some of the JCITs helped Ginge in arts and crafts with Sprucewood making day owls. They all worked well together with the other campers. After arts and crafts, we went to archery where they all had a good go at it. Then it was time for the JCITs to start shadowing other counselors.

For the first shadow session, Gamzee and Blinky were in arts and crafts helping campers with monograms letters while Nala and Birdie were helping up at the horse barn with lessons. The second shadowing was Nala and Blinky. They were at the horse barn this time. Birdie was at drama and Gamzee was at fishing.They all seemed to be doing really well with the shadowing.

We went fishing before dinner, which everyone enjoyed and put their full effort into it. We rushed to take the flag down because it started to rain and they wanted it down just in case it started to pour. After dinner, it was camper choice and then soon it was Hawthorne’s dancing in the dark party.

Now the party is over and it is time for bed and the JCITs are welcoming it with open arms.

Ginge 🙂

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