Last Day (Session 1)

Today it is the last day of session 1 and it is time for the girls to head home. The day started out normal with flag and breakfast but then afterwards is when the fun started to happen. It was time to pack to go home and clean the unit for the next session. Then we had time for Friday Follies (like a talent show), which goes until lunch, depending on who signs up. After lunch and our me time, we had All Camp. This week;s theme was It’s Your World-Change It. We had a paint war to add more colors to the world. We had an all camp swim to wash everyone off, to finish up cleaning, and for the horse girls to get ready for the horse show.

The horse show went well. The girls enjoyed themselves received rewards for certain things they did while riding. While the horse girls were heading home, it was time for the parent program for the rest of the campers and their parents. At the parent program, the campers sing for them unit by unit, hang out for a little bit, and then head home Sometimes families just head home right after everyone is done singing.

This is the ending for the first session at Camp Timbercrest! I hope every camper had a wonderful week and will come again next year. Thanks and goodnight! 🙂

Pictures for the Day


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