Sunny Day!!

Now this was a day that we have been waiting for all week! The sun is out and shining, no clouds in the sky. Well, maybe a couple, but the girls are just laying back and enjoying the sun. Archery, swimming, and boating were busier than normal as the girls wanted to be outside for this beautiful day. After lunch and me time, girls were out and about again. It’s lovely to just sit in the sun like they have never seen it before.  🙂

Dinner was awesome, beef stew with rice. Everyone was in love and I don’t think there were any left overs. Tonight was closing campfire where everyone sat around and sang songs together before they would be on their way home tomorrow. It was a sad time knowing all the campers were heading home but also exciting to see how much fun the girls have been having this week, even with all this rain.


The girls practiced some more archery and their skills are getting good, so deer and Sheriff of Nottingham beware! When they weren’t honing their skills, they were at boating and making telescopes in arts and crafts. Later they made their shelters with sticks, leaves, and some tarps if they were around.

Strawberry Hill

The horse girls got to ride in beautiful weather and were practicing for their show tomorrow. They are just enjoying themselves on their horses for the week and seem so relaxed up there. Duct tape girls have been quite busy at making some really cool things with their duct tape. They were one of the least affected by the weather, which was great for them but unfortunate that they couldn’t get to do some of their other activities that they had planned.


The girls rocked the morning doing swimming, archery, and boating. They’re having a blast with it all and never wanting it to end. Though once it was time to ride, they were even more excited because it was trail ride day. They rode to the old barn and back, which was the best thing ever, as they would say.

Pictures for the Day


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