Best Day So Far!

Finally, a day where everyone could enjoy a sunny, non-thunder-stormy day. Girls got to do archery and had a blast without being thunder stormed out. Campers seemed to be excited all day because the sun was shining and everyone wanted to be outside as much as possible. Today was mismatch day, where everyone could dress in silly patterns and had no worry of anyone staring. 🙂

After lunch it rained and not just a light sprinkle. It was a down pour!  No thunder still so the buffalo swim can go on. The buffalo swim is where the girls have the chance to swim past the swimming area and across the lake with all the lifeguards.

Cookout time! Campers headed back to their units to start a fire and cook their own dinner for the night. The menu that everyone wanted was pie iron pizzas. Plus, some of them had dessert like lava cake, which is kind of like chocolate cake.

Movie time! After everyone was down with eating and cleaning up the unit kitchen, they headed back to the lodge to watch Parent Trap (older version). With the movie being a long one, campers slowly headed back to units not being able to finish from the fun-filled and exhausting day.


Girls spent their morning at archery finally being able to hone their skills thanks to no thunder. Not all of them could shoot at the same time so the other girls would play some games a safe distance away and behind the girls that were shooting. After archery practice it was time for swimming and swim lessons for some of them.


About time!  The day has finally held the rain back for the girls to be able to ride and stay on their horses the whole time, without them having to worry about getting off in the middle. The best part is that the girls were done and untacking when the sky did open up and down pour on us.

Strawberry Hill

It was hike time for the girls around the lake to the peninsula. After the lovely hike and sightseeing from the lake, it was time for some boating. The girls seem to be relaxed as they floated in the water enjoying the sun. Though, sadly, the sky opened up and down poured, cutting their boating a small bit.

Pictures for the Day


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