JCITs Day 3

JCITs had a less successful battle with the weather today. After our unit kaper of beautifying the shower area, we trekked into the muddy wilderness in search of bait for our fishing adventure. About 50 minutes in, Blinky (a.k.a. Helen) caught a large mouth bass! We also practiced our land fishing so we could be better prepared for our next fishing excursion tomorrow.

Next was origami time where we made some awesome cranes and fish (can you see a theme developing?!). After origami, we visited Nessy the boating instructor and had a paddle boat race in which the counselors triumphed.

We managed to turn regular sidewalk chalk into temporary hair dye for crazy-hair lunch and helped each other get ready. After feasting on nuggets for lunch, we went back to the lean-to to set up our tents for our overnight. Some of us were seeing what a lean-to was for the first time!

When our little hike was over, it was time for Me Time. Then we got our first showers (that weren’t in the rain).  We met up with Sprucewood for some Gaga but ended up getting rained out so the JCITs helped to lead indoor games for their younger camper friends! Once dinner was over we had a blast at camper’s choice. We hiked back to the lean-to for a fun night camping with friends.



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