Cloudy Day

This morning was promising. The sun was out with some clouds but no rain in sight. Campers got to do all of their morning activities, which was exciting. Lunch came upon us and it was Crazy Hair lunch, where everyone put their hair up in wacky ways. After lunch it was time for Me Time (rest time) before the next activities were to begin.

But sadly… another thunderstorm has struck Camp Timbercrest. So everyone played games in the lodge and hung out down in arts and crafts. Some of the campers were even creative enough to make a GaGa (form of dodge ball using only your legs) pit in the lodge, which was AWESOME! On the other side of the lodge, campers were playing Ninja (fast movements to tap other campers’ arms to get them out), which was fun to watch. Then, out of nowhere, the rain and thunder were gone just in time for flag and dinner.

Dinner time is over and the campers went off to their camper’s choice, which consisted of making pet rocks, outside games, and friendship bracelets. After camper’s choice was over, everyone was outside. I think everyone was sick of being inside! 😀

Baby Shark Video (songs)

Strawberry Hill

Horse girls got to ride finally thanks to no rain. They went for a trail ride. Now that is exciting! The duct tape girls made lovely bows before a hike to willow bridge. Sadly, their afternoon activities had to be canceled thanks to the thunderstorm.


The girls finished up their overnight and took a hike around the beautiful Keyser lake, where you could hear them for they love to sing everywhere they go (which is also the song they sing). Swimming took place before an awesome lunch, which was chicken nuggets, and where some of them had swimming lessons.


Swim time was upon the girls as they splashed around like silly little ducklings. Just before, they headed to arts and crafts for sparkly name tags with horses on them, as well as some bracelets with letter beads.  Sadly with the thunder storm, they didn’t get to ride, though they are now pros on how to wrap a horse’s leg and the parts of horses.  Tonight is their overnight and they seemed happy for the new experience.

Pictures for the Day


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