JCITs Day 4

The JCITs were lulled to sleep by a bedtime story for “How to Do a Flag Ceremony” and awoke at 6:30 to take down camp. We finished dismantling ours tents in record time! After a brisk hike back to main camp, we did quite possibly the best flag ceremony Camp Timbercrest has ever seen! From there we zoomed off to fishing, this time trying our luck at a new location. Almost all the JCITs caught fish (although we need practice at not being sketched out with touching them after we hook them since fishing at Timbercrest is a catch and release area).  We dodged a rain storm by doing Drama in the program center, rehearsing for a play the girls want to perform next week as part of their badge work.

Following lunch and me time, we managed to get in a quick archery lesson before the rain defeated us yet again.  Then we got to be on dock observers during Buffalo swim across the lake, which was fun practice for when the JCITs become staff! After the mere 50 matches, we lit our fire for cookout (ever tried to light a fire after three days of rain?) and made some delicious stir fry followed with an improvised cake-mix pudding concoction involving Hershey bars, graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and lots of cake batter (don’t worry there aren’t any eggs)! We rounded out the night watching The Parent Trap with the rest of camp in the lodge.


P.S.  Camp Names for the JCITs

Helen is Blinky

Tessa is Nala

Hanna is Birdie

Anna is Gamzee

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