Opening Day!

Camp Timbercrest has finally began! Campers are here and off to doing their first day activities. First off it will be the lovely name games, Campstitution (setting their own rules to follow while at camp), swimming assessments and, for the horse girls, their riding assessments. Oh! and almost forgot a tour of the camp their unit counselors give them.

Then it was off to flag. Each unit partakes in raising and lowering in turns. DINNER TIME! Everyone sat and finished their huge plates of food thanks to our lovely and awesome cooking staff. Afterwards it was time for opening campfire. Each unit sung a few songs and the counselors did skits to introduce themselves to all of camp.

Now that the day was over, campers and their unit counselors retired to their platform tents for a good night’s rest, for tomorrow will bring more exciting and goofy activities.

Pictures for the Day

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