JCITs Day 2

The JCITs successfully battled the stormy weather by being able to get to ALL of their activities. After a delectable breakfast of waffles and bacon, they headed to the program center to do arts and crafts.  They had fun making their button bracelets and some pom pom bookmarks.

Then it was over to drama where they learned about improv acting and got to recreate the ending to a fairy tale.  Then off to boating where they all passed their tippy test in the canoes!

After lunch and me time, the JCITs tried their hand at archery. They played SPUD on the basketball court and some other games indoors because of the lovely rain.  Rounding out the night was the first of their training sessions as JCITs, dinner, camper choice and MORE SPUD before bed came upon them.  Oh yeah, they also have found themselves a moose mascot which they have dubbed “Maple!”


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