Beautiful Day at Camp Timbercrest

Hello readers!

Yesterday was a lovely day at Camp Timbercrest, and today is looking even better!  It’s hot and sunny out, so some of the girls are going to tackle the Buffalo Swim challenge!  They swim from one end of the lake to the totem pole and back.  Sure to keep you cool on a day like today!

Sprucewood is living in the Cabin Tents, the girls are really enjoying their time.  They are making Native American Tacos, which are a giant piece of flat bread, covered in taco condiments.  Bridals and Bits are working on horse badges.

Strawberry Hill’s Pastry Chefs made cupcakes, and the DuctTape Art girls made Duct Tape flowers.

While tending to the shop, I had a few extra minutes with Austyn, who is in Bits and Bridals.  She was very helpful and told me about her day.


I rode Captain Jack, and then I tacked him and untacked him which is to bring in the bridal, grip and saddle.  First I brushed him.
During my lesson, I weaved in and out of buckets.  Misty is my favorite horse, because she’s pretty and she’s tall.  I also really like boating.  Boating is awesome.

Thank you Austyn!

Photo Gallery 

Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day at Camp Timbercrest

  1. Looks like you guys are having fun, as always. Can someone tell Emma B. Hi from her Mom and Winifred and that we love her!

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