Tuesday, July 2nd

Hello Readers!

The sun finally showed itself here at Camp Timbercrest, and everyone is enjoying the nice warm weather.  To stay cool, Jackman’s Lodge, Timbercrest under the Stars, and Strawberry Hill went on a Splash Hike.

Bridals and Bits will be going on their first ride today!  Yesterday they learned the parts of a horse and horse etiquette.  Being around a horse is like learning a different culture.

Jackman’s Lodge stayed up very late last night. They made midnight chocolate chip pancakes!  Yum yum!  Today they will be playing flash light tag and going on a night hike.

Strawberry Hill will be going for a swim.  The Duct Tape Art group made handbags as well as Duct Tape pencil holders.

The Junior CITs worked on leadership characteristics and made a list of good and bad leadership traits.  They also will be going for a swim.

Today we have our All Camp, which includes an obstacle course!  After All Camp, all of the units will go on an overnight hike.  They will hike to their destination, unpack their tents, and spend a night outdoors.

Here is the photo gallery for today.

I hope you’re all having a great day!


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