Camp Timbercrest First Day

Hello readers!

We had a very wet but fun day here at Camp Timbercrest.  I was able to upload some photos of the campfire, as well as some activities today. Check them out by clicking on the photo gallery link below.

Here is a sample of some of the fun activities the girls did today:

  • Pastry Chefs made brownies
  • The Timbercrest Under the Stars group made masks, curtains and played midnight tag.
  • Duct Tape Art made purses.
  • The Unit at Strawberry Hill made miniature camp sites,
  • Sprucewood went on a Splash Hike.
  • Junior CITs began their CIT training, went swimming and played Cranium.

Everyone took a trip to see me at the Trading Post, it was lovely to meet everyone!

A splash hike is when the counselors take the girls along a path with puddles. The goal is to get as wet as possible!

There are many activities planned for Tuesday, it will be another fantastic Camp Timbercrest day!

Photo Gallery


3 thoughts on “Camp Timbercrest First Day

  1. Great pics – sounds and looks like everyone is making the best of the soggy weather! Thanks for the updates – have fun :).

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