Cookouts and Horse Trails

Hello Readers!

Last night was our camp wide cookout night. I walked around to the different units and took lots of pictures.  It sounds like everyone had fantastic camp fire meals!  This morning I had a lovely patriotic pancake breakfast with the Junior Counselors in Training.  At first we tried cooking outside, but the skies opened up and poured down on us so we had to go inside.

Sprucewood has a very full day planned!  Some of their activities include: archery with javelins, going on a splash hike to Dracula’s Tomb, a project adventure hike, and a trip to the water trampoline.

The horse girls went on a horse trail and stopped by my store, so I was able to take a few pictures of them.

Strawberry Hill is making bracelets, earrings and aprons early in the morning.  They’re having another cookout tonight, going for a swim, and of course enjoying the campfire tonight.  Everyone love swimming in the lake, and Strawberry hill is going for a swim as well.

Jackman’s Lodge is going for a splash hike, playing H20 games, archery, crafts, and a black light party after the campfire.  They’ve been staying up later each night to truly enjoy Camp Timbercrest at night.

Link to Photo Gallery


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