Happy Friday!

Hello readers!

We’ve had a very fun but exhausting week. I managed to get some good photos of the campfire.  The campfire started out with a bit of rain, but we weren’t deterred!  Girl Scouts aren’t afraid of a little rain.

The theme for All Camp is an obstacle course!  Hopefully the sun will stay up, but if it doesn’t, we’ll just have the obstacle course inside.

Strawberry Hill is finishing up their aprons and cookbooks.  They’ll also take a trip to the archery range and go swimming.

Pastry Chefs served very yummy cheesecake to everyone in the dining hall.

Timbercrest Under the Stars stayed up to see the sunrise, almost pulling an all-nighter!  They will also visit the archery range.

Sprucewood is going for a scavenger hunt around the lake.

The Junior CITS are planning on finishing up packing, and taking a swim.

Photo Gallery

I’m excited to see all of my readers today!


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