Camp Timbercrest Session 4 Monday

Today started with rain but it turned around quickly, turning into a bright sunny day.

Today the campers in Strawberry Hill, our unit holding Archers and Anglers and Zombie Survival, had fun with the STEM ladies that came in and they built Wind Turbines. After STEM they had fun playing board games in place of swimming, because it rained so much last night the water front was closed to everyone except the Canoe trip. After siesta, the campers had a lesson from our camp ranger, Scott AKA Scooter, on how to properly hold and release a fish once caught. They followed this with their first fishing lesson. Any fish they catch are going to be released back into the wild of Keyser Lake.

The campers in the Yurts got to spend time with the STEM ladies at the same time as the Strawberry Hill campers, resulting in fun creations and making friends. They followed that with Arts and Crafts, after siesta they met the horses and had some fun with them.

The Hawthorn Grove campers spent the majority of their day in the boats to get ready for their trip leaving Wednesday.

After dinner everyone participated in campers choice, they had the choice of: taking a hike, making arts and crafts, or playing some board games. Those of us on a hike even found a Red Eft! It was a day of fun, getting ready for tomorrow.

Signed, Skeeter

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