Camp Timbercrest Session 2 Thursday

Today was a beautiful sunny day at camp filled with tea time, closing campfire, and many other fun activities in units.

Strawberry Hill (Secret Agents) started out their day with swim followed by a nice break. Once they finished Siesta with the CIT’s, they had boating followed by arts and crafts.

Sprucewood (Hatchet, Knives, and Arrows) started the day off with swim followed by arts and crafts. Then after Siesta, break time after lunch, they had Archery for two hours. The Cave Dwellers and River Rascals spent most of their day in a car back to camp then relaxed all day and made a stop at the Trading Post (the camp store).

The Boots and Spurs campers started their day with Swim and boating. once Siesta was finished they were at the barn all afternoon, they even took a trail ride!

The CIT’s started their day with the Buffalo swim, where they swim all the way across the lake, touch the totem pole, and swim back. After the Buffalo Swim, they had Boating. They enjoyed Siesta with Strawberry Hill once again and then jumped back into training.

This week was eventful and the campers were great, tomorrow is the last day for most campers and we still have some fun planned for them.

Signed, Skeeter

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