Monday Session 5

The early morning at Camp Timbercrest drew a group of courageous campers to the misty water of Keyser Lake with the polar bear swim.

Canoeing Along the Allegheny Reservoir had a great last day on their trip! Photos will be posted as soon as they return, stay tuned!

The Jr. Counselors in Training started their day with Arts and Crafts, boating, and then finished the afternoon with swimming.

Ready to Ride explored the barn and got familiar with grooming and riding the horses in the morning. After lunch, they took to the lake to cool off.

The Mud Challengers also boated this morning, then took on a challenge in the afternoon with a Mud Scavenger Hunt.

Lastly, Razzle Dazzle and Sculpt hit the showers and played gaga before lunch. They then went to the basketball court and played with chalk.

The campers ended their evening with Campers’ Choice. The options were an obstacle course, water baseball, or cornhole. They got to choose an activity outside of their unit, and meet other campers and play games.

Goodnight, sleep tight! 🙂 and check out the photos from today here.

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