Thursday Session 4

As the week begins to wind down, so does Camp Timbercrest. Each unit had the chance to swim in Keyser Lake for the last time before they pack their things to go home.

The Fashionistas completed their fashion line and we would like to thank Fashion Lab New York for spending two sessions at Camp Timbercrest. The work the girls have made has been absolutely astonishing.

Ready to Ride went for their last trail ride throughout the camp. Meanwhile, My Favorite Pony played Gaga and went to Arts and Crafts.

Be Brave and Bold practiced archery for the last time before their tournament tomorrow morning before lunch. Everyday, the girls have been at archery for two hours; ALL of them have been getting better by the arrow.

The Daisies and Brownies went for a Lake Hike/Nature Walk along Keyser Lake. They also packed a lunch to take with them and ate lunch along the lake.

Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir checked in with camp today and all is going well. The weather was fine and the girls are continuing to paddle along the reservoir.

To conclude the week, Thursday is when Timbercrest has its Closing Campfire. Closing Campfire is a special time for not only the campers, but the staff as well. We are able to sit with our units for the last time and share laughs and giggles that we will look back on.

We will say goodbye to these girls tomorrow and we will miss them dearly. Be sure to check out the photos from today. Thank you and goodnight Girl Scouts.

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