Thursday Session 3

Today we said goodbye to our visitors from Piperwood. They have been part of the Timbercrest Family since Tuesday morning.

The Wizards woke up from their magical camp out and broke down their tents. Before lunch they went swimming and afterwards they played wizard cup.

The Cupcake Challenge finally had their bake off today. The girls were broken up in to two groups to decide which batch of cupcakes were better. One group made apple pie cupcakes with and without frosting while the other groups made s’mores and confetti cupcakes.

Ready to Ride swam in Keyser Lake and went for a trail ride. They also went to the archery range before dinner.

Per tradition, Thursday night is when the entire camp comes together to say goodbye before we start cleaning and packing tomorrow. Closing Campfire gives the girls a chance to say goodbye to their counselors and sing songs.

Be sure to click here to see memories that were made today.

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