Friday Session 1

Friday, we said goodbye to the Girl Scouts who were a part of session 1. The Fashionistas, Ready to Ride, Cupcake Challenge, and Tent, Trail N Kayak all completed their programs today.

At the last day of camp, instead of doing separate programs, the entire camp came together. Once all the units were packed and cleaned, the activities began.

The first activity was Friday Folly. Friday Folly is a talent show for any camper to show off a hidden talent that they have or learned at camp.

After Friday Folly, we concluded Dino Week with a dinosaur egg hunt. Eggs were hidden throughout the campground with numbers written on the inside. The team with the highest number won!!!

The last all camp activity before dinner was an all camp swim. This gave the Girl Scouts one last change to enjoy Keyser Lake before going home.

To conclude matters, the girls sang their favorite camp songs for their parents when they picked them up.

Once again, the Camp Timbercrest staff thanks the girls and their families for kicking off camp season. We hope to see you next week or next year, have a great summer!

Click here to see photos from the final day of Session 1.

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