Be a CIT/Riding Instructor this summer at Camp Timbercrest

If you’re interested in teaching riding at the camp level, this program is for you! This is a special training program for girls who are 15-17 years old. It covers the first four sessions of camp (July 7 to August 2) and registration closes June 1, 2019.

Concentration will include extended riding and teaching skill training, as well as counseling techniques, leadership, self-esteem and ways to work with younger campers. Riding Counselors in Training (RCIT) will receive certification in First Aid and CPR and their CIT pins after successful completion of this program.

You must be at the intermediate to advanced levels of riding for this program. RCITs will earn the horse patch with rider level(s). Prospective RCITs receive an additional application packet that must be completed prior to the start of your RCIT program.

Girls that complete the full RCIT program will be invited back the last week of camp as a Camp Seven Hills Intern.

For questions on riding ability, please contact GSWNY’s Director of Camp Administration at 1-888-837-6410, or email:

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